About Us

Making the right decisions

We believe that making the right decisions is not difficult when you have all the information. The difficulty is finding the information: unbiased, correct and up-to-date. We use technology to extract such information and make it accessible. Our ambition is to make data work for the people that need it most.


Overview is our Android app that keeps track of your money from your smartphone. Effortlessly and in real time. Gain insight in your income and expenses across your mobile wallets. Everything clearly categorized and graphed. For you to better understand your finances and make the right decisions. Download here.


Boost is a chatbot that solves the asymmetric distribution of information between mobile network operators and consumers. We objectively analyze, compare and review all airtime bundles on the market in Kenya and we assist consumers in selecting and purchasing the best bundles for their needs and budgets.

Who We Are

The team

Overview Finance Inc is a financial technology startup that was founded in 2016 by a Belgian family team. We thrive on enthusiasm, we spawn some pretty wild ideas and cultivate our ambition to improve financial capabilities of people in emerging markets globally.

Hans Pauwels

Founder, CEO

Charles-Axel Pauwels

Founder, CTO

Henri-Jérôme Pauwels

Founder, CMO

Ridge Kimani